Capitalism is our chosen method for allocating hunger, starvation and death. Charity interrupts its efficiency but has kept the poor from revolting. We are now facing a global food crisis as our available farming land decreases, our rivers run dry, and our seas are emptied.

With millions more mouths to feed every day, what choices will we make and which will be made for us? Read this book and find out.

'The Protein Crunch' Book Cover

As resource depletion and environmental destruction drive food prices ever higher - can science come to the rescue or will we revert to our traditional approach and fight over our remaining resources?

We wasted billions regulating the financial markets that gave us the credit crunch. Yet we spend practically nothing on planning, regulating and caring for the Earth on which we all depend.

The rich have already consumed the water of the thirsty, eaten the food of the hungry and burned the fuel of the cold. The poor as usual will suffer most - do they really deserve the protein crunch?

Do we have time to repair the future? Read this book and find out.